After the Alex warm up act, it was followed on Sunday by the arrival of James and Alex then next morning by Danny and Toby. Tent was erected and the fun began. The boys get so excited when then are together and the three days were hectic to say the least. I really felt my age!

That was not surprising because on Sat morning I had a tummy upset which lasted the weekend. Before the boys arrived I took a Covid test just in case, fortunately negative. I spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday in bed , I felt weak and tired. I am convinced that it was something unpleasant from my river swim. I didn’t have a temperature so it wasn’t a fever so we can only conclude it was the river. One of the hazards we open water swimmers endure!

I was OK to take the boys to Hastings on Tuesday, biggies in my car and littlies in Sues. Hastings was packed with day trippers and we wore our masks quite often and we certainly did in the amusement arcade. Go- Cart racing, miniature train ride and fun on the beach took up a lot of time. Lunch was worth waiting for, fresh pizzas all round. A great day out but boy were Sue and I tired.

Back home late evening panic stations, James and Danny came running in they had been attacked by thousands of slugs in the tent. Slight exaggeration – they had climbed out of a ventilation window to go for a wee and crawled straight into our wild meadow where at night the slugs come out to play. Lesson learned, always leave the tent by the proper entranced. We all had a good laugh.

Mike collected his two boys on Wednesday and we drove the Reading boys back home later. To say we were exhausted is an understatement and today has been relatively lazy but QUIET!

I contacted Barty and social services today to try for an update. It appears our not so sociable social worker is on holiday till Monday. However, I am assured by a colleague that she will be focussing and finalising Mum’s case on Monday and we should hear the decision very soon! I also spoke to the manager at Barty and he will also be contacting her on Monday to get negotiations completed. I reminded them both that it is very close to us going to Spain on 3rd September and we want it sorted well before then. I will stay on the case, we will get this sorted I am sure.

Cool dudes on the track
Phones appear more important than a train ride
…and it’s not just the biggies!

No phones with their mouths full!
Not a day for swim

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