No blog entries now for several days due to excess business stuff. Since the boys went home we have been trying to get as much information as possible together for our trip to Spain. The tests we need and forms to complete are a nightmare. We are pretty sure we have the documentation to get to Spain, but not so sure about coming back! However, we are working on it and I am sure it will all be OK in the end. At the same time we have been chasing to get Mum’s situation sorted. Barty and social services are still negotiating the financial situation so we may or may not hear before we go away.

On Sunday we visited Chapel Down Winery. The boys bought us a very special 50th anniversary (2 years ago) voucher for a three course meal and a tour of the vineyards and processing ares. A lot of wine testing including the bubbly which they provided for Harry and Megan’s wedding. We weren’t impressed so glad we didn’t get an invitation! We met some lovely people and had a lot of fun, a lovely break for us.

Today I had my last bike ride before go to Spain. 57 miles today and at last the sun sun shone for us. Met Les he did all the ride from Tun Wells to Hawkhurst and back, amazing guy. Unfortunately, Mike D had to return home as we wasn’t well. I rode back with hm to make sure he got back OK then I joined the others at Hawkhurst.

Tomorrow evening we have our Indian meal celebration for 21-4-21 where I have to give a speech. Unfortunately, we will miss James playing in his first concert with the South London Youth Orchestra. It is being streamed but clashes with the meal. Fortunately, they are recording the concert so we will get to see it eventually. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

Sue pretending to like Harry and Megans bubbly!
Fun in the Vineyard.

Attentive Audience

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