Four clear days then off to Spain on Friday. Apart from a bit of uncertainty regarding our paper work to return to UK on Oct 1st, we are almost ready. Spent today packing, as our return is a month away we have a suitcase each and still Sue has managed to fill them both to capacity. Still no word from social services about the finances so I guess we will have to wait till we get home before we know. However, we have re-assurance that Barty will look after Mum whilst we are away. We went to see her on Tuesday. She was fine. We told her that she would have plenty of visitors whilst we are in Spain. Mum was happy with that.

On Thursday evening we had our curry evening. It was a great success and we raised about £ 700 in addition to our 21-4-21 event bringing the total to about £3.2K. So that’s another project done and dusted. I think I will refrain from thinking up any more bright ideas in the near future!

As I wasn’t out cycling yesterday I went to watch Maidstone Utd play. Another win takes them to 2nd in the table. I hope they can keep that up. I met my cousin Robin Smith whilst there. It was nice to have a chat as we watched the game. He is doing some family tree work so I told him about Kathryn who is our expert. I might pass on information to him when I am home.

The last few days I have had a muscle pain in my neck, yes I know I am a pain in the neck! However, it has been quite painful especially at night. Ibroprofen and a hot grain sack have been used regularly. I am hoping it will improve very soon. I did manage to help with marshalling at Junior Park Run today. Nice to be back there again after so much closure time.

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