Sue and I completed our SPTH forms today so we now have our Covid Pass and Spanish Health Forms done with QR codes for both. We have also printed them as a back up to the digital stuff. Due to problems on my PC we had to do the applications on my iPhone which was fiddly to say the least. Certainly much longer than the 5 mins quoted in the guidance. I just hope that the UK Locator Form is easier to do the two days before we com home. Still, I’ll worry about that at the end of September. Just to add to the complications we have received a water bill 20 times higher than normal. We have contacted Toni in Spain to make sure the water supply is off. No response from him so we will have to sort it out once we are there. This has happened before and could be the the tap being left on when they top up the pool. We hope it’s not another leak. A busy few weeks coming up!

As we are nearly ready I did a 50 mile ride today to meet my friends. I gave the time trial a miss as I didn’t fancy falling off at speed and injuring myself. Last night I did the Km run with Mote runners. Hard work running with faster runners, but a great workout. i certainly won’t be going that fast if I run occasionally in Spain. Temperatures are still in the low 30s.

Visited Mum yesterday, she is OK told her she has plenty of visitors arranged whilst we are away so she was happy with that. No news from social services, but Mum is content so that is what matters we will sort out finances when we are back home.

So this is my last Blog now for the next month. On return I will do a general update on everything and then review the virus situation and decide whether or not to continue posting under this heading. Covid 19 is here to stay, booster jabs for vulnerable and possibly some teenagers likely soon. Cases still rising especially in Scotland and in UK deaths are on the increase. Otherwise life is getting back to some form of normality, but restrictions will be with us for a long time yet.

So for now buenos noches and stay safe, back in October.

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