OK, so as I had a request from one of my top blog readers??, I have agreed to do a weekly (or thereabouts) short blog on what has been going on in the Bradburn household.

Last Saturday I sacrificed my bike ride to help organise our Rotary Club’s Bikes for Africa project. This was our first try at this task which involved a massive local publicity campaign and booking a space in the market car park. We then got hold of a couple of vans for transporting the bikes to Faversham. This is a collecting point before they are taken to Colchester, where mechanics sort them, repair and make them safe and roadworthy. Most then go by container to the Gambia in Africa where there are used as transport for adults and youngsters, saving them time to get to work or school. They are also put to good use for transporting goods. Amazing what these people can carry on a bike! The remainder are sold to help pay for the container fees.

When our publicity asked for people to donate their old bikes and bring them to the market, we had no idea how many we would get. In 6 hours we had received about 125 bikes! Amazing, but it was hard work loading and then unloading after transporting them to Faversham. An exhausting but very rewarding day.

So what has this got to do with Covid and Mum’s health? Nothing really so here is a short update on both. Covid cases continue to increase and we are now at nearly 50,000 cases each day. Hospital cases are also increasing but deaths are not increasing by the same rate. We are now amongst the worst in Europe and probably the world, but Boris will not introduce other measures such as mask wearing as he beleives that vaccinations alone will win the day. We are disappointed how many people don’t wear a mask at all now. Sue and I do, everywhere there are people. We have both had our booster jabs and we are busy helping with marshalling at Blackthorn again.

As for Mum, she is fine. We took her out to Mote Park this week. She had a little walk and was interested in all the building going on for the new cafe.

That will do for now as I have sat through Strictly for the first time in years tonight. Some very good dancing but I can’t stand all the razzor me taz!

ps I have started swimming training again at my original club, Lark field. It was strange to be back and it is not as easy as it was 35 years ago. Still I hope to keep trying through the winter and then some races next year when I move up into another age group 75-80. Yippee, it’s great getting old!

Bluebell Hill
Mote Park

Mum loves Mote Park.

Half our bike collection ready to go to Essex then Africa

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