The weather has been unusually warm this past week but now we have had some heavy rain and the wind is starting to come from the North. Today I should have been cycling in a 100Km ride with Uncle Les (88) and our friend Mike (87 almost). Les’s daughter Julie was to accompany us. However as there was a severe weather warning today the event has been moved to next Sunday so let’s hope it’s a little calmer. COP 26 the big international Climate Change conference starts in Glasgow today. All the leaders of the world’s countries are here, except Russia and China, two of the biggest polluters. We hope some big decisions will be made but I fear it will once again be a political game.

Visited Mum last Monday, she has a chest infection and suddenly looked her age. No ride outside, she wasn’t in good enough condition. The doctor has given her antibiotics so hope she will be improved when we visit tomorrow.

Covid numbers still slowly increasing in UK but Russia has thousands now and even Covid free Tonga has it’s first case. Still no move by the PM to re-introduce any restrictions, however, Sue and I are still wearing masks when near others. We are in the minority.

Halloween tonight, nice and dry for the kiddies, they seem to enjoy this ridiculous event, plenty of ghouls hanging in gardens, all destined for the landfill no doubt, thousands more tonnes of plastic waste! Yes I am getting old!

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