Nice little job on Friday. Along with Chas I presented a cheque to a local junior school. The money will go towards a trip to the Science Museum in July. I had the privilege of announcing this trip to the youngsters- they were overjoyed. Without our donation it is unlikely that the trip would be going ahead. This is what makes this job all worthwhile.

Some bad news this week however, two of our members’ mothers have died, I will not go into details and give names online, but suffice to say their passing was a shock and in one case the family have had a local connection with our club for a long time and the lady is well known to many members. Her funeral is on the same day as Presidents night. I did consider postponing this event but after speaking to some members it was felt that the show should go on. It will be difficult as many of us will go to the funeral earlier in the day, however, we are sure the family would have wanted the event to go ahead so it will.

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