It was great to able to present the Maidstone Alzheimers Group with £1000 yesterday at their weekly meeting. Several of their number had sponsored our tandem rideso it was a an opportunity to thank them also. Whilst there I met a young Maidstone based businessman named Jason who offered support for future events we may well organise for Alzheimers. It is nice when people come forward to offer assistance.

My last business meeting was somewhat routine but we tidied up the year in terms of income and out goings. We managed a gross income in excess of £20K and it has all been dispersed or put aside now for a wide range of charities. The concert looks like it has made just over £3k so all in all not a bad year.
Next week handover- sad really, I’ll miss being at the helm but time to move on and perhaps focus on fewer but more specific ideas rather than trying to juggle all the balls.

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