Well, once Christmas is out of the way plus a 6 week break in New Zealand including 10 days on a South Pacific island, it’s down to business.

I have been doing some gentle running locally, nothing too taxing, local stuff 5km max. A bit of biking but not much and same with swimming.

However, I have entered the Tonbridge Sprint Tri on May 4th. Half the distance I have done there previously, but a good warm up for the following week which is the British Sprint Championships in St Neots. I will see how those go and probably do some more local events. As for cycling I will be off in June to do some of the Alps with three Wobbler mates, should be fun. Swimming, I hope to be able to enter the 10km River Dart swim in September. It looks great but very popular.

On the Rotary front I am planning a big charity SwimRelay in Maidstone on Nov 1st. Hope to raise a lot of money for Children in Need and our own club charities.

It will be interesting to see if all my plans materialise alongside looking after 3 x 89yr old parents and 5 grandsons. However, I am extremely lucky. I can’t stop thinking of my brother Malc who is suffering from Parkinsons Disease. Sometimes it is just the luck or bad luck of the throw of the dice.

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