Have just arrived in Hampden on the east coast and already we have been to see the rare yellow eyed penguins in the wild and just managed to get on the beach to see the famous Moeraki boulders before they disappeared at high tide. Yesterday we had a fantastic time trekking up to the Tasman and Hooker Glacier, which sits right under the base of Mt.Cook. It was a relatively easy 5 mile hike to the glacier but in a temp of 28 degrees we were ready for bed afterwards, slept for 9 hrs! The journey to Hampden was spectacular following the Waitaki Valley with blue lakes all the way. Getting used to campervan, already driven about 400 miles in all. Sue has taken her turn but inclined to forget it is longer than her Polo! Tomorrow we are paying Dunedin a visit then heading west again hopefully stopping at a place called Gore. Sorry about lack of photos, I can only use the ones from this IPad which isn’t the easiest to take pics with. Rest assured many thousands of photos will be circulating when we are home! Weather here on East Coast is overcast and 19 degrees. More Nz lamb and a some NZ wine then off to bed.



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