• Wow, just when we thought things couldn’t get better, they have . A spectacular drive from Queenstown to Wanaka. Stopped on way to see the original TJ Hooker Bungy activity. I wanted a go but not allowed due to prosthetic knee. Also influenced by not wanting to pay around £100 to jump into space above a raging river! Campsite at Wanaka has to be best yet. We had a walk to the village and along shoreline of the lake where swimmers were enjoying the 30 degree heat. We couldn’t resist an hour on a double kayak. Great fun, walked back to the campsite still somewhat soggy. Next day, decided to stay on as it so lovely. Hired bikes and did a 20 mile lakeside ride, then spent the afternoon on the beach chilling out. We are now a day behind our schedule but who cares! Tomorrow off to the glaciers. 30th Jan, another scenic ride up to the glaciers. Stopped off at Fox Glacier and walked to the glacier face. Really impressive, but evidence of global warning is clear from rapidly receding glaciers. Now not possible to access the ice other than by helicopter, so tomorrow we have spent the kid’s inheritance, so at 10.00 am we are taking a heli flight onto the glacier and just to make it worthwhile we are doing an ice trek, crampons etc! Can’t wait, up early for 9.00 am briefing.

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