Brilliant sunshine brought out the weekend trekkers. The crossing had been closed for the past 3 days due to bad weather, so today was always going to be crowded, and so it was, an estimated 1500 peopled lined the route through the spectacular volcanic mountain range. Tough climb up to the crater rim,then a spectacular view into the crater. Somewhat frightening due to the large numbers of youngsters posing for a selfy on the edge of the abyss! A long trek down including some slippery lava sand but brilliant views. Went past the newest activity Te Maapi when an eruption was viewed by trekkers on the crossing in August 2012. Vents are still steaming well and high risk eruption notices are prominent. However, all was well today and although the earth didn’t move for us, we still had some steamy moments and some whiffs of sulphur! Off to Lake Taupo tomorrow, promise not to skydive due to their past recent history.In the meantime another ice cool beer before going out for a meal in the little skiing town of Ohakune where we are at present.

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