It’s been a week now since we came home to our crowded and busy UK home. The suntan from our brilliant 10 days in Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, has faded. We had a great time on the island. A quiet, unspoilt and beautiful coral island right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We snorkelled, walked, rode old bikes and met some lovely people during our stay. The island was decimated by a typhoon 5 years ago but is now back to it’s old sleepy self. The local islanders were lovely and friendly as were the very few tourists on the island. We have some great moments to cherish, I do my first presentation about our trip to the St Johns group next Monday and and when I have sorted out all the photos maybe I’ll put together another picture book. It was good to come home and see our parents, children and grandchildren again, all doing well. It was long long journey but worth it. I doubt if we will ever pass that way again but the memories will live on forever. Thanks to our neighbours Paul and Frances who talked us into doing the same itinerary as they did some years ago, it all certainly lived up to our expectations. Finally, thanks to dear Sue who was a great companion for the whole six weeks. Living in a small camper van for 4 weeks is enough to test any marriage and we passed the test with flying colours.



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