Have not been on this site for a while. Why? Disappointing injuries. Started with a hip  pain just before the Dart Swim. Following that it got worse with trapped sciatic nerve. Also at that time I had a left rotator cuff injury, physio gave me exercises. Also detected basel cell carcinomas on shoulders. Apart from that I was fine. Decided to do no more running after MRI scan showed badly damaged lower back with osteophytes piercing the nerve.

Decision made, did last run with mate Colin at Leybourne Lake Park Run just before Xmas.

Loads of exercises, difficulty swimming mainly ‘cos of shoulder. Managed to compete in SE Championships with silver in 100m breastroke. Then pulled groin muscle in warm up  for next race. No more swimming for a while. Since then I have had a large garage extension built which includes my mini gym. Some turbo training and plenty of stretches. Things started to improve, went to Pain Clinic at Maidstone Hospital Doctor Mary was brilliant. Said I should do short Park Runs no more than 5K.

So after hanging up my running shoes and triathlon  stuff I am back on board. A few local sprint tris booked. National swimming Champs in Sheffield, booked and European Champs in London booked. I am feeling better and more focussed. Went with wobblers had a go on Olympic Velo track, going back for more soon.

Hip seems to be almost better, rotator cuff still painful, but that will take time. Three carcinomas removed, all Ok now. How lucky I am.

Natalie on target for 10 grand for COSMIC with her 50 mile walk. All looking good at the moment.

Bring it on……….


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