My back injury got steadily worse throughout the year. As seen from previous blogs, performances in European Championships swimming were a disaster. Running is very softly, softly, no more than 3 to 4 Km per week! Just enough to tick over. Today I have had a Nerve Block Injection. A few weeks to see if it has worked. If it has then definitely sciatica, if not it could be something else such as bursitis. I hope it’s nothing worse.

I am determined to compete in Sprint tris in 2017 and Masters swimming particular as I move up to the 70-75 age group. I have already qualified for Europeans in Germany in June and hope to qualify for the Worlds in Holland in September. For that I need a top four place at Eton Dornay on my birthday 21st May.

Life has been busy this year with several 90+ oldies to keep an eye on.  Plus I am having to help my Uncle Les with Power of Attorney for dear Edna who is now in a care home after a nasty fall. Our 2nd Swim Relay has been another success with 36 teams and hopefully in excess of £8k raised. However, I have decided not top run it next year as it is so time consuming throughout the year and I want to concentrate on getting my back sorted and having one more shot at international triathlons.

In the past couple of weeks I have joined Sevenoaks SC as they have a coach and wow!  that is worthwhile. First time I have had someone helping me with my stroke. I missed the Nationals this years but I want to do well in the South East Champs in January.

So that is how I see it all going, but as we all know, only time will tell. 2017 is my big seven O and suddenly that seems scary.

Commentator Extrordinaire!

Commentator Extrordinaire!



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