Long time since I blogged but a lot has been happening. I was all set ready to represent GB Age group in Germany in June, World Qualifier at Eton Dornay  in May for the World Championships in Holland in September. Several local tris pencilled in. Then my old back pain seemed to move to hip area and into the new year it got worse and worse. Couldn’t run any more, breastroke almost impossible. Cycling OK but had a job “getting my leg over’! Visited the pain clinic at Maidstone Hospital several times then they agreed with me that it looks like the left hip joint is the problem. Referred to consultant at Benenden. Confirmed that the hip joint is now bone to bone,  a replacement the only meaningful option. I now have an appointment with consultant at the Horder Centre in Crowborough next week with a view to an operation later in the year. With less hard exercise the pain has eased but soon flares up if I try to run or exercise too much. Down to a cycle and swim a week just keeping me active, but strange not to have my programme of events to look forward to. I have cancelled all triathlon and swimming events and waiting to see how I get on with a new hip. I am getting used to the reduced pain with less exercise so I will have the op after our holidays in Spain which are the end of Sept for 3 weeks. I’ll have the autumn to recover then.

In the meantime it’s regular visits to Mum, she is looking her nearly 92 years but is still active and comes swimming most weeks. Sue’s Mum and Dad similar but not so active.  I have also got Power of Attorney along with Uncle Les for Auntie Edna who is now in a care home. What with the oldies and having all the grandkids down over the summer period I don’t think I’ll get bored. However, I can still swim front crawl so hope to do a bit of open water swimming including one river event in Henley, only 1.5 km so should be fun.

Watch this space!



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