It’s a while since my last blog but a lot has been happening. Hip replacement all went to plan at the Horder Centre and after 12 weeks I am now swimming, cycling and have just started very  light running-no more than a mile.  My  first target is the SE Masters in January. Breastroke is slowly getting back to normal so all being well I can enter  my main events again. I am back training with Sevenoaks SC and have found a couple of good partners to train with. Cycling is fine although I am quite slow having lost a lot of strength in left leg. Had a bike fit last week at Senacre- so hopefully that will help my positioning on the bike to get the most effective propulsion.

Will I do triathlons again? Well at this stage I think it has to be yes but I think 5k runs will be the maximum so just the Sprints I think. There is a 2019 World Qualifier on 20th May 2018 at Eton Dornay, the one I had to cancel this year. If I qualify it will be a trip to Lausanne in Switzerland for World Champs 2019.

So just at the moment all is going well, remembering not to overdo it though!




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