Great progress with hip, all OK now. Just completed my annual South East Championships 2018. Times down a bit but 50m breast slightly quicker in 48.11. 100m 1:53:27 first and last place, only competitor! 200m Br 4.06.80 2nd.   I have entered Eton Dorney Tri Sprint qualifier on 20th May with a warm up Maidstone Duathlon on March 4th.  As the Olympic distance qualifier is at Leeds Castle on June 24th I thought I would have a go. Must now start my running in earnest as that will be a 10k, just like the old days! My knee is now 14 years old but seems OK . I will keep going whilst my body says it’s Ok. Stuart in hospital today for knee treatment, he is out of running for a couple of months but i am sure he will be back as soon as he can.  Michael has taken up tennis so looks like some activity from the boys now.

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