Here we are now in May and since my last blog I have been working on my running. Then we went to Spain in April and after a lay off following a heavy cold I tried a small run to get going again. Stupidly, I didn’t warm up and ran down the steep hill from the villa and “twang” in left calf. Back home went to Physio to discover it is the facia which knots up. No more running, no warm up events, just a focus to get fit again for Eton Dorney. Several physio sessions, a change in diet to take on more protein and fingers crossed for May 20th. The big day came, with Stuart as my coach I took part in the race. Perfect conditions on a flat, closed road course with drafting permitted. Eleven in my age- group, some very experienced with smart equipment. However, the 750 swim went well as I expected, first of my group out 0f water. Reasonable transition then the bike. Wow! did I enjoy that, hooking onto groups and reaching speeds unheard of for me. My re-conditioned bike and bike fit paid off. Still leading into T2 then the dreaded 5km run. After just 100m I could feel the calf pain kick in, so I plodded at slow speed as best I could. Stuart was brilliant giving me encouragement. By last 500m I was in agony and the pack were closing, but i had made such a good lead in the water and on the bike, I held off and won the race! My first ever! So it should be auto qualification for Worlds in Lausanne in 2019. Decided no more tris this year, just work on calf to get back to running fitness.

Then I heard of the London Classics. A hall of Fame achievement award all I have to do is  The London marathon, 100 mile Ride London and Swim Serpentine 2 miles. I have already done marathon in 1984! so applied for the other events. Got in the swim OK but have had to do a charity place with COSMIC so need to raise £500. So that’s my target this year, bike and swim. Then in Autumn hopefully start light running if calf has healed.

I am so lucky to be well enough and almost fit enough to do this stuff, I just I remain so.


Stats for Eton Dorney

Swim  750m  14.38

T1 1:46

Bike 21.2 Km 37.38

T2 1:24

Run 5Km 31mins

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