Having qualified for the Worlds and Europeans next year I decided to call it a day for the season. Just some social exercise including a bit of MTB off roading in Bedgebury Forest just to keep an eye on the safety of young James who is now 10 and getting quicker. Having had a busy week looking after James and Alexander the trip to Bedgebury was the final adventure of the week. Leaving Sue and Alex in the safer blue run areas James and I did the perimeter red and black runs. All went well until I clipped a branch with my left pedal which threw me into a tree directly impacting on my chest. Clearly some damage and screams, James helped me and we sought help. Eventually transported back to base by forestry guys in a truck then off to hospital at Pembury.

Broken ribs I guess due to crepitus but they no longer X Ray as there is nothing much can be done to repair bones which will eventually self repair. However, medics did a thorough job checking for lung puncture or organ damage, but as that was OK, off home to mend for next few weeks.

Very lucky no other damage and all will be well. Now considering to drop out of next years 2 internationals. Too costly and can’t leave Mum for long. I have a tandem project planned with rotary, so maybe just a few local tris to keep my hand in next year. A rest might do me good.

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